Cleveland! Wow! What a nice place! Great people! Really pretty city!

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The hotel is awesome. We got lucky. We’re on the 15th floor and the view is sooooo nice. This was a bank – back in the old days – and I’m pretty sure the hardwood floors are original, and they’re gorgeous. The elevators are originals – small with “wonky” shapes.

Had a delicious dinner last night at a restaurant across the street – tater tots? I don’t eat tater tots. I would eat these every day. Good thing Cleveland is far away from us.

IMG_0347 copyAnd today we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And I loved it! And Moffett even enjoyed it! I would go back if I’m ever here again. It was really, really cool.

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Rode the Green Trolley back and forth. Free trolleys that go all over with very helpful drivers. They made sure we got where we wanted to go. The trolleys are totally handicapped accessible and we watched our drivers go out of their way to pick up and drop off people with physical needs. It was nice.

IMG_0362 copyA purple bus! Had to take a picture!

Tomorrow we’re off to visit The Christmas Story House & Museum.

And then – will travel just a little off our route to visit my cousin Meredith & her husband, John – and their many, many furry, rescued children –

And then we’re back to no real plans other than staying on Route 20 and heading west.historic 20 map

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  1. Bernadette says:

    wow! you did luck out. great pictures, thanks for sharing.

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