Still driving…

IMG_0416 (1) copyWe’re still on the road.
We’re still married (we’ve had moments…).
We’re still awed by the farms and the small towns and the views and the really nice people!

As we left Cleveland (I’d go back, neat city!), we stopped at The Christmas Story House and museum. Gary, our tour guide, was fabulous! A young couple was in our group and the young woman had never seen the movie. They sell the bunny pjs. I didn’t buy any for anybody. (You’re welcome!)

Really enjoyed visiting my Dalton cousin yesterday and her small army of furry family members. Meredith and John have adopted a whole bunch of rescue dogs. The dogs love them dearly and it was fun. I couldn’t do it but I admire them for rescuing these furry friends. And I’m sorry that some of you were offended that Roady was cheering for the Patriots. He lives in New England. He never lived in Kansas with us. Yay! Chiefs!!! for the win!

Stopped at Fort Meigs in Ohio today – it was really interesting and we both learned some stuff.

We hoped to make it as far as South Bend today. Stupid us! Notre Dame is playing Georgia tomorrow. There are no hotel rooms in South Bend – and they’re charging $500+ for regular old rooms. Holy s**t! So we’re in Angola – and apparently have lucked out with a great restaurant next door.

So – as Moffett said tonight, “In seven days we’ve gone 945 miles, none of it in a straight line.” If we’re going to get to Twin Falls by the end of the week, we just might have to jump on some interstates. Yuck! Oh well…

We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for reading about our trip!

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  1. Meg Desmond says:

    There’ll never be enough time to do everything… as long as you’re having fun it’s all good.

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