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Wednesday, September 13

The road went on – and on… and we arrived in Yellowstone. Having “done” the Yellowstone thing with the boys many years ago, our plan was to drive through, enjoy the views, maybe see some critters and then stay in West Yellowstone. One buffalo taking a snooze was about it for critters. We didn’t stop with the other hundred tourists to take photos.

Oh – and several years ago in Nevada – Moffett purchased the National Parks Lifetime Senior Pass for $10. The cost is now $80.

It was a gorgeous day – still lots of tourists but probably not as bad as summer time traffic. We had lunch stuff and pulled over to make lunch next to a river stop with 2 picnic tables. Another couple drove up and sat at one table and while we stood there with our cooler at the car, another (younger) couple drove up and literally ran to the other table and set their stuff on it. Well! Luckily, the first couple’s wife came over and asked if we’d like to sit with them. Corrine and Paschal are from Zurich, Switzerland and we spent a delightful half hour eating and chatting with them. Luckily they spoke English cuz we weren’t going to do so hot if we had to unearth our French and German. They had planned to be in Montana but the smoke convinced them to change directions.

Dinner at Bullwinkle’s in West Yellowstone – Met another couple who we enjoyed talking with during dinner. She even posed with Roady!

Our motel room had a nice table and chairs outside where we enjoyed drinks and the sunset. Although we think the sunset was enhanced by the smoke beginning to move in.



A “bear proof” trash can near our room.

Our view from the motel’s b’fast room.

Onward to Idaho!



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