Heading Homeward/East/Interstates

(Playing catch up on Saturday, September 23 in OP)

Monday, September 18

So – left Twin Falls on Monday morning and drove forever and ever and ever down to Wells, NV and then eastward to Park City, UT.

A whole bunch of driving!

Stopped for lunch in Wendover, UT. It wasn’t easy. The restaurants were all in the Casinos.

Then we drove through the salt flats – quite amazing.

Stopped in Park City. Overwhelmed by the awesome views.

Tuesday, September 19

Left Park City in pouring rain, heading to Laramie, WY.

The pouring rain turned to SNOW! OMG – it’s still summer! It wasn’t in any forecast that we looked at.

It was annoying…

Stopped at a Flying J/Denny’s for lunch and to buy a snow scraper and some gloves. Yes, we did bring a snow scraper but it’s just one of those little plastic ones cuz we thought there might be some frost. Sure…

Snow stopped and spent the night in Laramie. To say that we’re getting tired of restaurant food is a real understatement.

The Laramie motel was plopped out in a field and the view from our window was really quite nice.

Wednesday, September 20

Sunrise! For whatever reason our bodies are working themselves back to Eastern time so I was up and finding the coffee early.

As we drove through Wyoming on our way to Cheyenne, the fields were snow covered.

My friend Sarah met us for breakfast in Cheyenne. I love having a friend who will drive a whole lot of miles just to see us! We had a great time chatting and I’m grateful that the restaurant wasn’t crowded so we could stay a long time. (I met Sarah through the DOC – Diabetes Online Community. A very incredible group of friends!)

And that night, we reached Kearney, Nebraska.

And the trip continues…

We’re having fun.

We’re just about ready to be home but we’re off to Memphis tomorrow!

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