Goin’ to Kansas City

Blogging in Lexington, Kentucky – I’ll get caught up eventually! Hope to be home on Friday.

Thursday, September 21 – Kearney, Nebraska – on our way to Overland Park, KS.


A very long time (1987) ago we sat at a restaurant in Richmond, VA trying to decide if Moffett should accept a job offer in Kansas City. When we left the restaurant, the radio was on and playing The Beatles – Kansas City.

Took the job, moved to Overland Park, KS and stayed there for 10 years.

And so, we returned to visit with Kyle and sneak in a few other visits when/if Kyle was busy. Had a great time with Kyle. He and his friend, Ben, took Moffett out to one of the casinos where Kyle and Ben both won some money. Moffett came out ahead $1.18. It was $1.17 but he found a penny on the sidewalk as they were leaving.

Visited with a d-friend and a former co-worker. Both are favorite people and it was so really nice to have time to visit.

Even got to get some laundry done at Judi and Aaron’s house. (We don’t own a month’s worth of underwear so being able to do laundry is really nice.) Thanks!

Wandered through Barnes & Noble – holy moly,  I forget how HUGE everything is. Ran into a grocery store and had to find each other by texting. I loved visiting. I love my small town with 3 traffic lights.

Kyle is a manager at Furniture Deal$ in Overland Park so – we stopped by the store in between eating – and eating more.

And then – it was time to leave…

And go to Memphis!

But – on the way… We stopped for lunch in Springfield, MO to meet up with Ray & Lynn. Ray & Moffett went to school together for grades 1 – 12 in Leesburg, VA. We hadn’t seen them in years and so our short visit was too, too short.


Sign for the restrooms!

And got to Memphis. Where we’ve never been before.


Oops – forgot! Drove down our street in OP. Boy, did the trees grow!
Our old house is on the left.


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  1. Barb Campbell says:

    LOVE IT! And, loved seeing you.

  2. Meg Desmond says:

    You always wanted a “treed” lot in Kansas.

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