Sunday, September 24 & Monday, September 25
(Posted Wednesday, 9/27)

Cheapest gas for the entire trip was in Missouri.

We went to Memphis! We had never been to Memphis! We wanna go back to Memphis! At the urging of one of my favorite cousins, we stayed right downtown at the Hampton Inn on Peabody & Beale Streets.

Arrived in the evening and a hotel employee strongly suggested we go to Blues City Cafe. We really enjoyed the music and the food and our waiter and the couple from England who took our photo. It was a great night!

On Monday morning we headed off to the National Civil Rights Museum. After some walking around and around to find the city trolley –  it was hot – I got whiny… We finally found the right trolley and got to the museum. Bags are inspected and you walk through a scanner (I didn’t due to the insulin pump).

It’s overwhelming.

We’ll have to go back. The brains could only take in so much and then – there was overload…

It’s an incredible and inspiring and sad and angry and wonderful place.

We spent several hours and we would/will go back.

There were videos and sounds and photos and voices and history and…

As we exited the museum…

And then we decided to visit the Pyramid – The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid.
After eating we visited the fish and the alligators and walked around just looking at all the stuff.

Back on to a trolley cuz we wanted to get back so we can watch the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.

Didn’t happen – our bus driver was so enthralled with telling us all about his family and his town, Memphis – he forgot to drop us off. Took us to another trolley stop and got us on a different trolley. And we didn’t get back in time but – it was okay. Loved hearing the stories he told and feeling the pride he has in his hometown.

Walked to dinner and saw this on the street. So neat!

And now, we’re heading home, via Interstates – and no “tourist” stops.IMG_0877

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