October up here on the hill…

First – I’m delighted to write that it hasn’t snowed yet. In fact, most of October was quite pleasant weather wise. And although our leaves weren’t as “peep worthy” as past years, the tourists were here and even I continue to be awed by the beauty of the trees.

I’m also delighted to report that since it’s not an election year, we’re not being bombarded by political calls. We “gave up” our land line this year and are hoping that future election callers won’t be able to find us.

We had a tremendous storm come through last week and we spent this morning picking up branches. There’s also a gazillion, trillion pine cones in the yard but (along with a million acorns…) we don’t rake anymore so they’ll just have to stay where they are.

IMG_1141 copy

Our road Monday

IMG_1191 (1) copy


Lots and lots of New Hampshirites lost power for more than a few days due to last week’s storm. We’re thankful for the generator that kept us humming along until our power was back on by Tuesday afternoon. There are still some areas with no power this weekend. As I drove south on 93 the other day I spotted a “mini-convoy” of electric company trucks heading north on 93. Yay!

The landscaping company has finished planting our wall area. The wall has been there since we did the house renovation a couple of years ago. But – the wall “step” was planted with grass that was impossible to mow – so this year we bit the bullet and had stuff planted. No perennials – nothing that has to be dead headed or trimmed or anything.

IMG_1014 copy     IMG_1041 copy

IMG_1038 copy

IMG_1058 copy

IMG_1106 copy

Roady’s had a quiet month sitting on the shelf with my JDRF Fundraising Award from the JDRF walk last fall (a whole lot of you donated – thank you). This month is Diabetes Awareness Month, so I’m posting D-stuff/reminders on FB. Everyone should be aware of the warning signs of Diabetes. Type 1 is diagnosed in very young children all the way to older adults (uh, that would be me). It’s dangerous and can be deadly if it’s NOT diagnosed.

IMG_1205 copy

IMG_0350 copy

Happy November!

PS – Did you know there are anchovies in Worcestershire Sauce? I didn’t!


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