Time for a move

Back in early spring, after much discussion, we made the decision to move to a less snowy state. Age is catching up with both of us and shoveling snow isn’t high on our list of fun things to do.
We know it’s going to be fun – interesting – extremely stressful – and we just might start questioning our sanity.
We’ve lived here 20 years. Neither of us has lived in one house for 20 years until this one!
In June we visited several 50+ type communities in Richmond. We lived in Richmond 1974 – 1988. We both went to college in Virginia and still have friends there. House hunting for the fifth time in our lives wasn’t so bad.
In September, we traveled back south. Spent two days with friends in Nags Head, NC before having to evacuate due to Hurricane Florence. Bought a house in Moseley, VA. on the day that 10 tornadoes went through the Richmond area (memories of our years in OP, Kansas!). Went to Moffett’s 50th HS reunion in Leesburg, VA and then came home.

We’re in the process of buying/building a house and I’ll try to do updates here on the blog.

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5 Responses to Time for a move

  1. Linda Ingram says:

    We are happy and excited for you and looking forward to updates!

  2. Bernadette Loesch says:

    Bittersweet…for us. You will be missed….love and blessings during the next ‘phase’ of your adventures through life together. Bernadette and Jim

  3. Jane Gregoire says:

    Looking forward to all of the updates!

  4. Chris D. says:

    Having moved three times in 2 years, I feel ya!…fun interesting and extremely stressful!!! But worth it in the end! Looking forward to the updates (when you have time!). I love packing. Wish I was there to help! Love ya…xo

  5. kelly2k says:

    Great news and good luck!!

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