To give away or not to give away…

For readers who don’t do Facebook, this happened recently.

While emptying boxes of stuff saved through the years (many, many years…), I found this package.

IMG-1256 (800x600)

Yup, Underoos. And not just any Underoos. Dukes of Hazzard Underoos. Woo Hoo!

Underoos were the potty training incentive for both boys. Chris got Superman and Kyle was going to get Dukes of Hazzard. But no one had the small size. So I bought the larger size in desperation one day at K-Mart. Thankfully, I did find the correct size before I needed them and so, never used the original purchase. I have no clue what they cost back in 1981!

I took a quick photo and sent it to the boys with a note that the package would be going to the local thrift shop. Oldest son texted back saying – “Hey, mom. Somebody sold this very thing on Ebay for 90 bucks.”

I became an Ebay seller. It’s not easy. But I’m official.

Meanwhile – offers started coming in – and that was annoying. I just wanted to do the bidding thing for a week. It was fun checking on my page and seeing who was looking/bidding. It was creepy checking on my page as one of the bidders only had kids’ underwear for sale on his page. Ewwwwww…

They sold! Not to the creepy guy. For a little more than $60 plus shipping cost.


Let the downsizing continue!

And just because we’re getting ready to put the For Sale sign in the yard… The light bulb went out on the hall bathroom fixture. They’re special. It has to be ordered. Of course… Our electrician is ordering for us and we’ll have them (we ordered extra) by Tuesday/Wednesday. It had all summer to die. Why now?

House will be listed on Tuesday. Deep breaths…


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  1. Linda Ingram says:

    So funny, oh what treasures you will find. $60 for underwear….not bad😁

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