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192 Years

Our Arkwright Road group was here – and now they’re gone. We had such a wonderful time! Our group photo shows 192 years of marriage. I think we all look pretty damn good!  We did the Lakes Region tourist stuff … Continue reading

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The Wedding Dress

So, it’s been 40 years since the dress was worn. I think I put it on once in the 80’s but never took a photo. I threw out the HUGE dry cleaners box last year but – just couldn’t throw … Continue reading

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40 Years of Memories

A friend commented on the last post, “Ah yes. Memories. Probably just as well that some of them have slipped away!! “ At least one hasn’t. As we drove back from Canada, following our wedding trip, it rained. Which normally wouldn’t … Continue reading

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August 1974 – August 2014

So – on the 10th, we will be married 40 whole years. To be honest, we’re not surprised. Staying married was, and still is, a priority. Many friends know how we met – and how we really had absolutely zero … Continue reading

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On the road, again…

We headed south last week as sometimes you just have to get away from the cold. Although, the official “Ice Out” was declared just before we left. It didn’t work but we still had fun. All that rain in the … Continue reading

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The Gardener in Me…

Most of the snow is gone – there are still patches and the local parking lots still have short mountains of dirty snow. Dad was the gardener in our family. Out in the yard every evening, pulling weeds and encouraging … Continue reading

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The smart phones

So, we did it. We both now have our own smart phones. And I have to say that I don’t feel any smarter. If anything, I feel a whole lot dumber. I can finally text! I don’t know who I’ll … Continue reading

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February seems never-ending. One bright spot – met our future daughter-in-law!

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Still loving the renovations and especially that heated toilet seat during these brrrrrr months. The photos below show why we became very grateful that we decided to do the renovation. When the side boards were removed under our computer porch … Continue reading

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The “reno”

So – yes, I could post more snow photos. But that’s somewhat boring. I’m going to go through some of our renovations, with photos. And yes, that will include the Toto toilet. Which I have to admit is the coolest … Continue reading

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