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Two weeks of retirement…

Cheers! Our last day at St. Charles was Thursday, December 28. Our last official day. Our replacement is still learning the ropes and so – we’ve gone back in to work with her and make sure she’s comfortable. And Moffett … Continue reading

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43 Years Ago

Oh good grief! We’ve been married 43 years on Thursday. What a hoot. Our story – Packing up the suitcases to drive to Alexandria from Richmond on the 8th. First – we’re trying to keep up with the news as … Continue reading

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“Our Song”

This week’s tune is: (from 1966 – jeez, a really long time ago…) And no – lightning did NOT strike again. It’s just one repair/tech person after another. All of whom are delightful to work with but the time to … Continue reading

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Learning to use a Mac

Learning something new! How to use a MacBook Air. It’s the little things that are driving me nuts. But – I’m getting a whole lot better at the touchpad stuff. There’s a “control” key but what I want is called … Continue reading

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Fall Road Trip!

We’re planning a month long road trip – all the way to Idaho (or farther) and back. Lightning hit near our house the other day and knocked out and/or killed: the modem, the router, my desktop computer, a wall/slimline AC … Continue reading

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Good grief!

December was the last post? That’s terrible. For today – it’s not snowing. The sun finally came to visit. I’ll do an update later.

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More downsizing…

So… This morning I said to Moffett, “You know, we don’t need all those Pyrex/Corning Ware dishes/casseroles. Let’s get rid of some.” He agreed. Instead of just removing the stuff we discussed, I emptied the entire cabinet. (As you read … Continue reading

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Oh, Look, It’s Snowing

Not only have we had snow. We’ve had a whole lot of snow! And now, it’s snowing on this page. The “Cousins’ Thanksgiving at Cape Cod” was fabulous. Mary Ellen did an outstanding job of putting it all together and … Continue reading

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The “S” Word

Nope, hasn’t snowed yet. I’m sure it will do that, soon. But for now – no snow. It’s in the forecast for Saturday night. That can change, you know. Really. We probably need to mow the yard one more time. … Continue reading

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We went to Ireland!

We did it. We really did it! We went to Ireland! It was a great trip. We saw lots! And lots! It did NOT rain! We met some really nice people and appreciated the talents of a knowledgeable bus driver/tour … Continue reading

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