The smart phones

So, we did it. We both now have our own smart phones. And I have to say that I don’t feel any smarter. If anything, I feel a whole lot dumber.

I can finally text! I don’t know who I’ll text, but I can do it.

I can use the maps! It’s not like I need to find anything in our small town with a map but, I can do it.

I can listen to music! That’s assuming I can move that music from my computer to the phone.

A couple of years ago, we were driving through Virginia, talking with a friend, who wanted us to try a restaurant near the highway we were on. He told us just to look it up on our phone – and then said, “Oh right, you have a dumb phone.”

I know we’re going to like these new phones. I’m already enjoying texting the sons, who for the most part, even respond.

I’ll keep you posted on how we’re doing.

Happy Soon To Be Spring!!

Hope the white stuff melts very, very soon as I am patiently waiting for my daffodils to show up.

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February seems never-ending.

One bright spot – met our future daughter-in-law!

2014-02-19 013 (1024x768) 2014-02-17 003 (1024x768) 2014-02-17 005 (1024x768) snow

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Still loving the renovations and especially that heated toilet seat during these brrrrrr months.

The photos below show why we became very grateful that we decided to do the renovation. When the side boards were removed under our computer porch (that’s what we call it – it’s actually my tv room), we saw that we had been extremely lucky that the whole thing had stayed up as long as it did.

2011-12-16 008 2011-12-16 010

Look at the posts! We were a little astounded. Our contractor just shook his head.

And now, they look a lot safer (and supportive)!

2012-01-09 006

When the house was built in 1984, our computer porch was actually a screened porch. They converted it – we don’t know when, but didn’t make any structural changes, I guess.

And… We have a spacious storage area under the computer porch and the screened porch. It’s great.

2012-08-20 001

Good thing we didn’t have any dance parties out there!

And just for fun – some links to enjoy.

SPCA Video – Be careful. You could end up adopting a new friend…

And another – a man who was buried with his motorcycle… (comment from Moffett, “So, this guy went whole hog.”)

And, speaking of support… – my cousin’s son’s wife – good grief, I have no idea how to define this cousin stuff but… Her name is Lisa Jackson, she’s married to Tom who is the grandson of my dad’s sister, Mae Jackson.

Their friends, the Richard Family, lost their son Martin, at the Boston Marathon last year. Lisa will be running this year in honor of Martin.
martinrichard“On April 21st I will be running the Boston Marathon in honor of our good friend Martin Richard who died last year in the Boston Marathon bombings.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Martin Richard, his beautiful smile, and mischievous personality.  My son Joe and he were great friends and teammates and, needless to say, this has been a very difficult year.  I have the privilege of running and raising money for the newly established TEAM MR8.  Below is the mission of the Foundation – one that I am proud to embrace and support.  While I thought my marathon days were long behind me, I have been given this opportunity to run this year and I hope you will consider supporting me and TEAM MR8.”

From Martin’s Family – – –We established The Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation to honor our son Martin’s message of peace, a message that went global in the days after he was tragically taken from us while we were all cheering on runners at last year’s race.  While the pain of that day will forever be with us, our hope is that this special event becomes a source of strength for our family and a means to make a difference in the world.  The mission of our foundation is “to honor Martin’s message of ‘No more hurting people – peace’ by investing in education, athletics and community.”

You can donate to Lisa’s run at:

She’s a nice young woman, who cares. Read more about TEAM MR8:

web lisa jackson 5-13Lisa’s on the left.       “I think about Martin all the time when I go running,” Lisa said. “I just want the kids to know you can go on. I just can’t believe how strong they are: Bill and Denise and Henry and Jane. If I can do this one little race for them and raise some money to keep Martin’s memory alive and his mission – “No more hurting people –“ peace”– it’s one small thing that I can do.”And thanks!

Bring on February!

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The “reno”

So – yes, I could post more snow photos. But that’s somewhat boring.

I’m going to go through some of our renovations, with photos. And yes, that will include the Toto toilet. Which I have to admit is the coolest thing ever and really, really nice at 2am in the morning.

Yup, it looks like a “space thing.”
Yup, it costs big bucks.
Yup, it was my sister (in St. Paul) who said, “You can pay someone in Assisted Living to wipe your ___ or… you can buy a Toto.”

This was the first Toto toilet installed by our contractor. Everyone tried it out before I even got home from work that day!

It works.
It’s really nice.
At 2am in the winter, that warm seat… it’s even nicer.

The bidet thing? Yup, nice!

2012-11-26 001 2012-12-03 004

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Time sure flies

Uhhhh – blogging? Right… It kind of got away from me…

It snowed today and seemed like a marvelous day to bake Christmas cookies.

The oven died.

I’ll do more updating later, after I get the oven fixed/replaced (egads! I do NOT want to buy a new oven!)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Perfect Day for Leaf Peeping!

Headed north today for some leaf peeping!

2013-09-28 003 2013-09-28 004 2013-09-28 008 2013-09-28 009 2013-09-28 011 2013-09-28 012 2013-09-28 013 2013-09-28 015 2013-09-28 017 2013-09-28 018 2013-09-28 019 2013-09-28 020 2013-09-28 022 2013-09-28 023 2013-09-28 025 2013-09-28 026 2013-09-28 028

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About the ads…

First of all – I know ads show up at the bottom of this. That’s because it’s a free blog and so, there are ads.

Shopping. I hate shopping. I really, really hate shopping. I hated shopping when we had malls and stores and cute little boutiques within minutes of our home.

And now… Let’s just say that the closest department store is a Wal-Mart. Anything else is an hour or more away.

I don’t like to do online shopping for clothing and I usually don’t but, I’d purchased some underwear when we were in Overland Park, KS and wanted to purchase more. I even stopped at the mall one day when I’d driven to the “big” city for a doctor’s appointment. But they didn’t have what I wanted. So I bought it online. Easy peasy. Except…

Every place I go on the web shows me Jockey underwear ads.

And yes, I know I could shut off my “cookies” and the ads wouldn’t follow me but – then I’d have to remember a long list of passwords for various sites and I don’t want to do that. (I already keep a 2 page list of passwords in the desk drawer.)

I’m now trying to decide what kinds of ads I’d prefer. Then I’ll go do a search for something nice or maybe something stupid. Either way, it has to better than underwear ads everywhere I go.

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Remember the Nickelodeon show where kids got slimed? Part of our yard got slimed today!

2013-08-15 002 2013-08-15 005It’s hydro seed. We may have a done yard before the snow starts falling!

Hopefully, we won’t have to water. I don’t think we own a sprinkler anymore.

Last year at this time, we had an excavator sinking into that same part of the yard.
2012-08-13 005

We have tomatoes! And they’re yummy. First veggies we’ve grown since we moved here in 1998. OMG, we will have been here 15 years in September. That’s the longest either one of us have lived in one house. Amazing…
2013-08-15 003

And for those who requested the zucchini stew recipe, we’ll have it sent out soon. Moffett has some changes to the original recipe that he needs to add.

Next week? Both sons will be here! Chris arrives Sunday and Kyle will be here for the weekend. And on Saturday (the 17th), Moffett will have a birthday!

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It’s August?

Some points/thoughts/whatever…

  • It’s a tad chilly up here in the woods and it’s delightful.
  • The wildflowers planted last fall are blooming.
  • We still haven’t found the regular, cheapo wineglasses. I’m sure they’re in a box, somewhere.
  • The excavator is back and soon our yard will be done. I hope.
  • A friend is here to fix the hole in our screen on the porch.
  • We’ve been enjoying the first cherry tomatoes.
  • The first red tomato was picked today. Now waiting for the yellows.
  • I made really yummy blueberry muffins.
  • You should freeze muffins before “food saving” them with the vacuum thingy.
  • Moffett made his famous zucchini stew. He gives most of it away and people love it.
  • My cousin, Meredith, found a great use for our cousins’ weekend corks.
  • My cousin, Marion, sent a present for our guest room.
  • A gorgeous sunset.
  • We will celebrate our 39th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday. Yahoo!
  • Chris & Kyle will be here later this month. Haven’t seen them in a while.

And some photos!

2013-07-24 014 2013-07-24 015 2013-07-25 005 2013-07-25 008 2013-07-25 012 2013-07-27 003 2013-07-28 003

2013-08-06 0042013-07-29 001 2013-08-05 003

2013-07-21 003

2013-07-25 0042013-08-06 003

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The Dalton Cousins

My mom was Elizabeth Jane Dalton before she married my dad. She had 3 sisters and 1 brother and they lived in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

As an Army family, we grew up all over the world, but always returned to Attleboro to visit the aunts, uncles and cousins.

Those visits were always, always tons of fun and created some wonderful memories.

Group with Nana DaltonThe photo above is from 1953 or 54. I’m second from the right in the first row.

This past weekend, some of the cousins came here.

It started out casually as Meg B. wrote on FB that she and her husband wanted to visit and “christen” our new deck and porch. We said, “Great!”

Then, Meg B’s sisters, Marion & Meredith, called and said, “We’re not letting her christen that deck without us. We’re coming too!” We said, “Great!”

Then I called another cousin, Mary Ellen, to see if she and her sister, Liz, wanted to come up for the weekend. They said, “Great!”

Then I called my sister, Meg, and she said, “Great!”

Everyone but Meg B. and her husband arrived on Friday. And Meg and Robert got here Saturday.

Meg B. was VERY surprised!

The phrase shouted spoken the most – “More wine!”

The song sung the most – Old Cape Cod. Although we got pretty good at Sisters, Sisters after some practice. And um… more wine.

My brother, Kevin, was able to join us on Sunday. He didn’t grow up with any of these cousins but he survived the afternoon of outrageous memories.

The husbands, Moffett & Robert, stayed calm and poured more wine.

We replicated the Nana photo on Sunday before Mary Ellen and Liz headed back to Massachusetts.

2013-07-14 003

First row: Liz, Meredith (too young for the original photo), Meg D. & me
Second row: Meg B., Mary Ellen & Marion

The “effort” to do this – highly worth it!

The memories – unforgettable!

The cousins – gee, I’m lucky!

All of the photos? Click Here!

PS – If you happen to see the movie, The Conjuring, you may spot Marion. She’s in the movie!

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