This is somewhere…

Friday, September 8 (Chiefs won the game last night.)

Last posted from Ohio – and since it seemed like we might be playing tourist just a tad too much, we attempted to make some better time. And we did. It’s really easy to do in Nebraska…

And of course, I thought of Neil Young’s song – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

IMG_0410 (1) copyOur morning view at Meredith & John’s






As we drove through Ohio, we stopped at Ft. Meigs. Nice museum with some interesting presentations.

Stopped for the night in Angola, IN and due to the hotel’s “free breakfast” being a total loss, we stopped here. Nice people and yummy breakfast.

Illinois was pretty. We chickened out of driving through Chicago on Route 20 – so did an interstate bypass and missed it. We’ll visit Chicago another time.

A lot of our drive through Illinois looked like this.
IMG_0423 (2) copy

Crossed the Mississippi River – and we’re in Iowa!
IMG_0427 (2) copy

Texas Roadhouse for dinner where we had a great waiter who was just oozing with personality and was fun! Love the cinnamon butter on the rolls.
IMG_0430 (2) copy

Best electric and USB hookups we’ve seen so far. Made it easy to recharge all the stuff! (Hampton Inn in Dubuque)
IMG_0433 copy

North Fork & Eureka, Iowa. Corn, soybeans and wind turbines.

Welcome to Nebraska! the good life
IMG_0447 copy

Posting this in Lusk, Wyoming – so more to come, later.


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Still driving…

IMG_0416 (1) copyWe’re still on the road.
We’re still married (we’ve had moments…).
We’re still awed by the farms and the small towns and the views and the really nice people!

As we left Cleveland (I’d go back, neat city!), we stopped at The Christmas Story House and museum. Gary, our tour guide, was fabulous! A young couple was in our group and the young woman had never seen the movie. They sell the bunny pjs. I didn’t buy any for anybody. (You’re welcome!)

Really enjoyed visiting my Dalton cousin yesterday and her small army of furry family members. Meredith and John have adopted a whole bunch of rescue dogs. The dogs love them dearly and it was fun. I couldn’t do it but I admire them for rescuing these furry friends. And I’m sorry that some of you were offended that Roady was cheering for the Patriots. He lives in New England. He never lived in Kansas with us. Yay! Chiefs!!! for the win!

Stopped at Fort Meigs in Ohio today – it was really interesting and we both learned some stuff.

We hoped to make it as far as South Bend today. Stupid us! Notre Dame is playing Georgia tomorrow. There are no hotel rooms in South Bend – and they’re charging $500+ for regular old rooms. Holy s**t! So we’re in Angola – and apparently have lucked out with a great restaurant next door.

So – as Moffett said tonight, “In seven days we’ve gone 945 miles, none of it in a straight line.” If we’re going to get to Twin Falls by the end of the week, we just might have to jump on some interstates. Yuck! Oh well…

We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for reading about our trip!

historic 20 map




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Cleveland! Wow! What a nice place! Great people! Really pretty city!

IMG_0339 (1) copyIMG_0340 (1) copy
The hotel is awesome. We got lucky. We’re on the 15th floor and the view is sooooo nice. This was a bank – back in the old days – and I’m pretty sure the hardwood floors are original, and they’re gorgeous. The elevators are originals – small with “wonky” shapes.

Had a delicious dinner last night at a restaurant across the street – tater tots? I don’t eat tater tots. I would eat these every day. Good thing Cleveland is far away from us.

IMG_0347 copyAnd today we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And I loved it! And Moffett even enjoyed it! I would go back if I’m ever here again. It was really, really cool.

Photo526424759888_inner_30-56-706-80-16-950-660-923 copy

Rode the Green Trolley back and forth. Free trolleys that go all over with very helpful drivers. They made sure we got where we wanted to go. The trolleys are totally handicapped accessible and we watched our drivers go out of their way to pick up and drop off people with physical needs. It was nice.

IMG_0362 copyA purple bus! Had to take a picture!

Tomorrow we’re off to visit The Christmas Story House & Museum.

And then – will travel just a little off our route to visit my cousin Meredith & her husband, John – and their many, many furry, rescued children –

And then we’re back to no real plans other than staying on Route 20 and heading west.historic 20 map

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There’s a Jell-O Museum?

We were very much looking forward to exploring the National Women’s Hall of Fame  and the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Museum in Seneca Falls, NY today – Didn’t happen. I never even thought about places being closed because of Labor Day.  We liked Seneca Falls enough that we’re thinking to make another trip and come back.


Stayed at THE most delightful Hampton Inn last night. Every single staff person had personality and was just a pleasure to speak with. It was nice.

We visited the Seneca Falls Visitor Center and learned a whole lot. The info about pumps was fascinating! The digging of the canals… Stump removers… The first women admitted to the NY Bar… Lots of stuff…


Our fun stop was the Jell-O Museum in Leroy, NY. Any mention of Bill C had been removed. Favorite? The wall of jello molds – I have two – both from Mom!
A few photos…

I have one of the small copper molds – and – I think I got rid of the tupperware one. We enjoyed our picnic lunch in the garden outside museum along with a chubby caterpillar.

Driving weather and scenery were great yesterday!

Dinner last night and onward toward Cleveland today.

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Where are we?

Before I begin, I have to say that we live in a gorgeous country! Driving through Vermont yesterday and New York today was really just amazing. I just keep saying, “Wow!”

Our stay in Albany was nice and dinner was delicious.

We had a fabulous dinner just a few blocks from our hotel/inn.

The Inn? Not that great – and we hadn’t even thought about the fact that we’d have to lug our stuff up stairs. We’d consolidated to one suitcase but – we still have baggage like Moffett’s cpap machine, my d-stuff, our computer stuff.

We have huge hopes that we’ll get better at the one suitcase thing as our trip rolls on.

Some observations…
The same look on people’s faces when we calmly say, “We’re driving to Idaho on Route 20.” I think they think we’re nuts.
There are lots and lots of sunflowers growing all over the state of New York.
There’s a whole lot of corn growing in NY.
Nothing like doing a “Road Trip” as gas prices go UP.
Holy Moly we drove through some of the very worst rain we’ve ever driven through – twice today. It wasn’t fun.

And – some photos…

IMG_0220Taken in the driveway – Saturday morning – We pulled out just a few minutes after our target time. Yay, us!

IMG_0222State #2 in our Road Trip!

IMG_0223Not a lot of cell service as we drove through Vermont.

IMG_0227Roady & Moffett!


Big Moose Deli & Country Store in Hoosick, NY.
Almost chose the RJ namers their tacky prizes here but –
I’m sure I’ll see more as we travel.

Dinner at the Savoy Taproom in Albany & leaving on a very rainy Sunday morning.

Drove up and read the “Established 1950.” Moffett said, “So were we.”

And nope, didn’t buy any of the below. The purple belly button lint brush was tempting…

IMG_0261A very long time ago, we visited Gail (one of the RJ namers) & Donnie’s cabin up in the woods in Virginia. They drove us around but – it was rainy and foggy – but Gail kept insisting that the views were great when there wasn’t any fog. As we drove through the fog today – Moffett said we should take a picture and send it to them. So we did.

Left Rt. 20 for awhile to go up to the Mohawk River. We wanted to do an Erie Canal thing but – didn’t find it in time. So drove back but wandered just a little. If you’re going to be just a little lost – it’s nice that the view is delightful.

IMG_0268The sun was out – not much – but it was appreciated!

Never got the “Welcome to New York sign.” Too much traffic as we passed it but. Here are two of the Route 20 signs.

And the adventure continues…

Tomorrow – Seneca Falls – lots to see – but Mondays are not good, so…

Trying to make sure we stay someplace on Thursday
where we can watch the Patriots and the Chiefs!

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Day 1 of Our Great Adventure!

This is it – the weeks/months of planning are over and the drive begins. We are really, very excited.

As I write this we haven’t finished packing the car. Heck, we haven’t finished packing the suitcases. Fingers are crossed that everything goes in the car without Moffett thinking I’m nuts.

This box and some more of Chris’s stuff is traveling with us… It’s time…
He’s 40 years old… It’s time…IMG_9788

There’s a “Road Trip! Playlist”

There’s our Garmin GPS. Yes, there’s one in the car. We like this one better.

There’s a Frio. A what?
FRIO Insulin Cooling Cases keep insulin cool and safe for a minimum of 45 hours – then simply re-activate with water! Learn more at the Frio website.
Insulin is good for 30 days after opening but – parking in a sunny parking lot, staying in a hotel with an unreliable fridge – cooked and/or frozen insulin is not a good thing.
And of course, there is extra – for an emergency – insulin.
Having Type 1 Diabetes is a PIA – Pain in the Ass.

And – no kids in the back seat – Thank God!!!
But Roady wants to know…

First stop – Albany, NY. We’ve never been there.
On Sunday, we’ll find Rt. 20 and head west.
(PS – the dental issue is not an issue – Yippee!)

Click on the map to see/learn more. It’s fun!
historic 20 map




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Will Rogers said…

My first day of traveling t-shirt…

And it’s soon!IMG_0192 copy

A few more from Will…

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can.

We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.



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And the answer is…

Naming a toy moose. I thought it would be easy.

Tonight I announced to Moffett that I’d made my choice.

His name will be Roady!

Moffett said, “You can’t. His name is Jesse.”

So – the moose will henceforth be known as RJ. I can’t do JR cuz then I’d be humming the Dallas theme song and I don’t want to do that and – I don’t want him shot…


Thank you to my pals Linda H. and Gail for choosing the names. I’ll be sure to find the tackiest souvenirs that I can, to award you when we return.

Meanwhile – I have a dental issue. I’m not happy. I went to the dentist today. I have to see an endodontist on Monday.  I’m not happy. I really do NOT like going to the dentist. I’m not happy. I have to get this checked out before I end up in the middle of Iowa looking for a dentist. I’m not happy.

A pedicure helped…

But – I’m humming the damn Dallas song…

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10 More Days – Woo Hoo!

The planning is getting more serious.

The excitement is getting more fun.

The “OMG – are we nuts? are getting more frequent.

I may go blind staring at maps. I’m a big fan of Google Maps but… Many years ago when we first moved to NH, Moffett discovered the Gazetteers printed by the DeLorme Company. He’s the primo navigator when he has a map in front of him. (Some friends will remember the trip made with no map and the conversations about that – in Nags Head – where an Atlas was ordered – and overnighted…) GPS is nifty but – it’s hard to see what else might be around. So, we’re fuddy duddies and like our maps. Chris & Lindsay gave Moffett the Idaho one for Christmas.

We also belong to AAA. They’ve gotten us into locked cars. They’ve changed a tire or two but that’s about it. Until we plan a new trip. I love the old TripTiks. The new ones are nice but the old flip up and open a new page ones were cooler. We have a TripTik for the trip! I ordered it at the website and held my breath as – we’re trying to stay OFF interstates on our way west. And they actually read what I wrote and have us on Rt 20 on our way to Twin Falls.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 6.40.48 AM

Did you know there’s a Jell-O Museum in NY just north of US Rt 20? It’s on our list.

IMG_0159 (2) copyI haven’t named our trip moose yet. Got some great suggestions but – still not “just right.”

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192 Years

IMG_9950Our Arkwright Road group was here – and now they’re gone. We had such a wonderful time! Our group photo shows 192 years of marriage. I think we all look pretty damn good! thumb_IMG_0122_1024

We did the Lakes Region tourist stuff from riding around Lake Winnipesaukee on the Sophie C mailboat to visiting the Moultonboro Country Store and dinner at Hart’s. The guys spent a morning purchasing and then installing a new toilet in our downstair’s bathroom. We were going to get a plumber in to do it and they said, “Nah, we can do that.” And they did. It’s wonderful. In between there was food and dominoes – Mexican Train Wreck – and more food – and lots and lots of talking!

IMG_0031Trip planning continues – _________ the Moose will accompany us and be featured in our photos as we drive across the country (and back) to Twin Falls, Idaho. Name ideas for our cute moose would be appreciated!




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