Hot New Hampshire

Jeez, it was hot last week up here in the woods. It’s funny (actually, it’s annoying) how quickly I’ve learned to despise air conditioning.  And yes, I know it was hot in lots of places but, it’s not usually that bad up here, especially in July.

Oh well, opening this month’s electric bill will definitely add some excitement to our lives.

We had a mama bear and two cubs hanging out one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Fun to watch but, I’d prefer they not come back.

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A mama turkey and her babies are regular visitors almost every day.

And the deer still graze in the yard but, not as often.

The tourists have arrived. Traffic can be difficult and frustrating. We’re back to right hand turn errands as often as possible.

We try not to go out on Friday afternoons as everyone is arriving and it’s not fun.

We try not to go out on Sunday afternoons as that’s when everyone is heading home and it’s not fun to drive in the mess.

We don’t go out much during July and August…

We’re planning to replace our deck. It’s old and falling apart. The contractor came over to look around and stared at the deck stairs. Then quietly looked at us and said, “You’re not using these stairs, are you?” Uhh, well, we were. (Chris had also warned us a couple of months ago when he was visiting.) The contractor sent someone over to do a temporary repair until the deck is built. So that’s good! We’re thinking of using the Trex stuff – anybody have any opinions? No, ours won’t look as snazzy as the ones pictured on their website. And – the nicest part… He’s going to use some sort of beam that will not need the post that is between the two garage doors. No more worrying about someone (I won’t name any names…) taking out the post and the deck while turning in our driveway. Yippee! And yes, that kind of beam costs more but, I think it’ll be worth it.

So, onto August – really, already? And the full onslaught of the tourists. I used to be one so, I try to be patient and nice. It’s not always easy…

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7 Responses to Hot New Hampshire

  1. Jerry Desmond says:

    Hotter there than here, most of the wildlife around here are arachnids and insects !

  2. Marilyn says:

    Hasn’t the rain been wonderful….everything looks so refreshed….even me!
    Your cubs are adorable…can’t say the same for Mama Bear…she could be mean.
    We took the Trex route a couple of years ago…love, love, love it. No more messin’ with the Thompsons. Power wash & it’s good to go!

  3. Meg says:

    love all the pictures, but Mama bears do protect their young so please be vigilant. sorry about all the tourists but wish I was one of them! enjoy and keep posting we love it all.

  4. james d barr says:

    Some people on the lake use Trex. My views are as follows. Trex is very costly compared to salt treated lumber and in my opinion does not look as attractive. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance but not no maintenance. It still gets mildew, still turns green and still must be power washed. It does not splinter but it will warp (but not as often as salt treated). Trex colors are limited and they do look somewhat artificial in my opinion.
    I think the bottom line is the trade off between cost, appearance and much less maintenance.
    Hope this helps.

  5. CD says:

    Well, I truly do enjoy hearing of all the wildlife you get to see. I’m lucky if I see a bird or two. Unfortunately, we have LOTS of spiders. Summers here are always hot, miserable hot so I won’t miss the season one teeny tiny bit when it’s gone. Autumn is my absolute favorite!!! Well, good luck with the new deck & can’t wait to see the pix when it’s done!

  6. Alice says:

    Well, I’m pleased to see you here. I forget you have more than one blog. I love the way you put automated slide shows in your posts.

  7. Jo K says:

    And we, thank the Lord, have only had 2 or 3 days where the temp got above 90. As to the deck, how long are YOU going to be there? That would be my determining factor. After all, when you do sell, the owners will want to tear whatever you’ve done out, and upscale it. So go with what you like in terms of cost and appearance, with a slight nod to the environment. Love your blog. Jo

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