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IMG_1386 (480x640)A friend sent a card saying Retired People are happiest cuz they can sleep in on Mondays. Still not sleeping in but – enjoying the quiet time.




IMG_1607 (480x640)It was balmy today and so, guess what Moffett did? He grilled a bunch of hot dogs and some Kielbasa. We’ll freeze and eat later. If you haven’t tried that – try it. The hot dogs taste and smell like they just came off the grill when reheated. It’s pretty nifty on a snowy winter day up here in New Hampshire.




We’re still working on the downsizing of our STUFF. Our church (and former employer) and other town churches have a local Thrift Shop where a whole bunch of our stuff has gone. But – I want someone with some “stuff knowledge” to look at some of our stuff and make sure we don’t throw out/give away something of value.

IMG_1591 (480x640)While doing some checking on eBay – I noticed a record reseller – called Wingo’s Wecords – and an antique store, RS Butler’s Trading Company, in Northwood, about an hour away from us. Road Trip! (Confession – we forgot Roady…) Saturday was sunny and 40+ degrees so off we went! It was a pretty drive with some awesome views across the state. We spoke with the owners, Colleen & Don, and we’re going to be taking some of our STUFF down. They encouraged us to see them before dropping it all at our “dump.” (You’re not supposed to call it the dump. It’s the Transfer Station.)
We have all of dad’s albums – including the boxed opera sets and assorted classical music albums. They are NOT in perfect condition… If someone is interested – contact me – because, we need to get rid of this STUFF.

IMG_1592 (640x480)Meanwhile – he who saves newspaper columns remembers that a restaurant in Northwood had received a good review so, even better – Lunch! Umami’s lunch was yummy. A talented guy was playing the guitar and singing and then his sister joined him. Kids were there enjoying the food and music and others like us who were there for the first time. And our lunches were really good! We’re planning another visit.

And this afternoon, we held our breaths, watching the Patriots win the game. If it had been any team but the Patriots, we would have rooted for the Jaguars. One of their coaches, Nate Hackett, was a friend of Kyle’s in high school in Overland Park, KS. He’s a talented young coach!

PURPLE TULIPS from the grocery store make me smile!IMG_1605 (768x1024) (480x640)

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Two weeks of retirement…


Cheers! Our last day at St. Charles was Thursday, December 28. Our last official day. Our replacement is still learning the ropes and so – we’ve gone back in to work with her and make sure she’s comfortable. And Moffett is still doing the money thing at Holy Trinity Parish in Plymouth w/ limited time in the office and working from home.

Meanwhile – I’m enjoying the hell out of this! So far. It’s only been a couple of weeks. We’re still speaking to each other!

Started the Medicare/Social Security stuff back in the fall but even with help, Diabetes and Medicare make life difficult and complicated and expensive. I’ve been quite impressed with the telephone support both through the insurance company and the pharmacy company. It’s just such a time stealer. But, hopefully the worst is over and I’ve finally got all my ducks and Rx’s in line.

The Social Security check will go right to our checking account. I’ve been chuckling because when Mom went on Social Security, she did NOT want her check to be automatically deposited. She had it mailed to her and she cashed or deposited it. As Dad said, other than a part-time job in high school, she had never been paid and so – that check was important to her.

I am still looking forward to sleeping in. Hasn’t happened yet. I guess old habits are tough to break.

And – no surprise, it’s been snowing.

And – no surprise, a few photos.

2018-01-042018-01-02This is going to be very interesting…
Our desks together – in the same room…

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October up here on the hill…

First – I’m delighted to write that it hasn’t snowed yet. In fact, most of October was quite pleasant weather wise. And although our leaves weren’t as “peep worthy” as past years, the tourists were here and even I continue to be awed by the beauty of the trees.

I’m also delighted to report that since it’s not an election year, we’re not being bombarded by political calls. We “gave up” our land line this year and are hoping that future election callers won’t be able to find us.

We had a tremendous storm come through last week and we spent this morning picking up branches. There’s also a gazillion, trillion pine cones in the yard but (along with a million acorns…) we don’t rake anymore so they’ll just have to stay where they are.

IMG_1141 copy

Our road Monday

IMG_1191 (1) copy


Lots and lots of New Hampshirites lost power for more than a few days due to last week’s storm. We’re thankful for the generator that kept us humming along until our power was back on by Tuesday afternoon. There are still some areas with no power this weekend. As I drove south on 93 the other day I spotted a “mini-convoy” of electric company trucks heading north on 93. Yay!

The landscaping company has finished planting our wall area. The wall has been there since we did the house renovation a couple of years ago. But – the wall “step” was planted with grass that was impossible to mow – so this year we bit the bullet and had stuff planted. No perennials – nothing that has to be dead headed or trimmed or anything.

IMG_1014 copy     IMG_1041 copy

IMG_1038 copy

IMG_1058 copy

IMG_1106 copy

Roady’s had a quiet month sitting on the shelf with my JDRF Fundraising Award from the JDRF walk last fall (a whole lot of you donated – thank you). This month is Diabetes Awareness Month, so I’m posting D-stuff/reminders on FB. Everyone should be aware of the warning signs of Diabetes. Type 1 is diagnosed in very young children all the way to older adults (uh, that would be me). It’s dangerous and can be deadly if it’s NOT diagnosed.

IMG_1205 copy

IMG_0350 copy

Happy November!

PS – Did you know there are anchovies in Worcestershire Sauce? I didn’t!


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Before we get to the “happy, happy, life is good stuff!” I’m so effing tired of people dying. Hurricanes, earthquake, random shooters. I’m so sad for everyone who has lost a relative, a friend, whoever.
In our area, two local landscape companies have many employees from Puerto Rico. The companies are collecting funds to help these employees and their families. The support has been phenomenal.  
This afternoon there’s an NBC video of our president tossing!!!! paper towel rolls to people in a church in Puerto Rico. Like the souvenir footballs at a high school football game. I try not to watch the news anymore.
PS – Happiness is a text from your son saying. “I’m okay.” from LasVegas.

We arrived at the house on the hill on Friday afternoon.

Thanks to some lovely friends, we enjoyed a delicious dinner that evening that we didn’t have to cook and even better, didn’t have to order from a menu. They dropped off a cooler at our house before we even got home. Yes, we have delightful friends. We’re lucky.


Our final days were interstates and just – get – home…

Left Memphis on Tuesday and headed to Lexington, Kentucky. Driving through Kentucky on a beautiful, sunny day is a treat. Green grass and fences and horses make traveling not so bad.

Our hotel recommended Malone’s. Good grief! Nicest hostess people and servers ever!

Really. And – even better? Delicious steaks! And they weren’t HUGE. It was very nice. Sat at a table in the bar with 4 chairs. I told Moffett he could sit on the side where he could watch sports on the TV. Our waitress calmly said, you know, you could both sit on the same side.  Too funny – we did and she made us laugh. I really, really, really wanted to order this dessert. I didn’t. But I did want to.IMG_0879


Thursday – drove through West Virginia and stopped at Bridgeville, PA. We tried to find a restaurant listed on Yelp! for lunch – when we hit the single lane, gravel road, we reversed and ended up at Shoney’s.  Good Grief! We have not been to a Shoney’s in many years. Probably will wait another many years before going again…

More on the next episode of nhmeanderings…



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Sunday, September 24 & Monday, September 25
(Posted Wednesday, 9/27)

Cheapest gas for the entire trip was in Missouri.

We went to Memphis! We had never been to Memphis! We wanna go back to Memphis! At the urging of one of my favorite cousins, we stayed right downtown at the Hampton Inn on Peabody & Beale Streets.

Arrived in the evening and a hotel employee strongly suggested we go to Blues City Cafe. We really enjoyed the music and the food and our waiter and the couple from England who took our photo. It was a great night!

On Monday morning we headed off to the National Civil Rights Museum. After some walking around and around to find the city trolley –  it was hot – I got whiny… We finally found the right trolley and got to the museum. Bags are inspected and you walk through a scanner (I didn’t due to the insulin pump).

It’s overwhelming.

We’ll have to go back. The brains could only take in so much and then – there was overload…

It’s an incredible and inspiring and sad and angry and wonderful place.

We spent several hours and we would/will go back.

There were videos and sounds and photos and voices and history and…

As we exited the museum…

And then we decided to visit the Pyramid – The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid.
After eating we visited the fish and the alligators and walked around just looking at all the stuff.

Back on to a trolley cuz we wanted to get back so we can watch the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.

Didn’t happen – our bus driver was so enthralled with telling us all about his family and his town, Memphis – he forgot to drop us off. Took us to another trolley stop and got us on a different trolley. And we didn’t get back in time but – it was okay. Loved hearing the stories he told and feeling the pride he has in his hometown.

Walked to dinner and saw this on the street. So neat!

And now, we’re heading home, via Interstates – and no “tourist” stops.IMG_0877

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Goin’ to Kansas City

Blogging in Lexington, Kentucky – I’ll get caught up eventually! Hope to be home on Friday.

Thursday, September 21 – Kearney, Nebraska – on our way to Overland Park, KS.


A very long time (1987) ago we sat at a restaurant in Richmond, VA trying to decide if Moffett should accept a job offer in Kansas City. When we left the restaurant, the radio was on and playing The Beatles – Kansas City.

Took the job, moved to Overland Park, KS and stayed there for 10 years.

And so, we returned to visit with Kyle and sneak in a few other visits when/if Kyle was busy. Had a great time with Kyle. He and his friend, Ben, took Moffett out to one of the casinos where Kyle and Ben both won some money. Moffett came out ahead $1.18. It was $1.17 but he found a penny on the sidewalk as they were leaving.

Visited with a d-friend and a former co-worker. Both are favorite people and it was so really nice to have time to visit.

Even got to get some laundry done at Judi and Aaron’s house. (We don’t own a month’s worth of underwear so being able to do laundry is really nice.) Thanks!

Wandered through Barnes & Noble – holy moly,  I forget how HUGE everything is. Ran into a grocery store and had to find each other by texting. I loved visiting. I love my small town with 3 traffic lights.

Kyle is a manager at Furniture Deal$ in Overland Park so – we stopped by the store in between eating – and eating more.

And then – it was time to leave…

And go to Memphis!

But – on the way… We stopped for lunch in Springfield, MO to meet up with Ray & Lynn. Ray & Moffett went to school together for grades 1 – 12 in Leesburg, VA. We hadn’t seen them in years and so our short visit was too, too short.


Sign for the restrooms!

And got to Memphis. Where we’ve never been before.


Oops – forgot! Drove down our street in OP. Boy, did the trees grow!
Our old house is on the left.


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Heading Homeward/East/Interstates

(Playing catch up on Saturday, September 23 in OP)

Monday, September 18

So – left Twin Falls on Monday morning and drove forever and ever and ever down to Wells, NV and then eastward to Park City, UT.

A whole bunch of driving!

Stopped for lunch in Wendover, UT. It wasn’t easy. The restaurants were all in the Casinos.

Then we drove through the salt flats – quite amazing.

Stopped in Park City. Overwhelmed by the awesome views.

Tuesday, September 19

Left Park City in pouring rain, heading to Laramie, WY.

The pouring rain turned to SNOW! OMG – it’s still summer! It wasn’t in any forecast that we looked at.

It was annoying…

Stopped at a Flying J/Denny’s for lunch and to buy a snow scraper and some gloves. Yes, we did bring a snow scraper but it’s just one of those little plastic ones cuz we thought there might be some frost. Sure…

Snow stopped and spent the night in Laramie. To say that we’re getting tired of restaurant food is a real understatement.

The Laramie motel was plopped out in a field and the view from our window was really quite nice.

Wednesday, September 20

Sunrise! For whatever reason our bodies are working themselves back to Eastern time so I was up and finding the coffee early.

As we drove through Wyoming on our way to Cheyenne, the fields were snow covered.

My friend Sarah met us for breakfast in Cheyenne. I love having a friend who will drive a whole lot of miles just to see us! We had a great time chatting and I’m grateful that the restaurant wasn’t crowded so we could stay a long time. (I met Sarah through the DOC – Diabetes Online Community. A very incredible group of friends!)

And that night, we reached Kearney, Nebraska.

And the trip continues…

We’re having fun.

We’re just about ready to be home but we’re off to Memphis tomorrow!

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Are we there yet? Yes!

We made it to Twin Falls!

We enjoyed a great weekend with Lindsay and Chris.

Lindsay had just been notified that she passed the Idaho Bar Exam and was offered a job that she’d applied for earlier. So, lots of happy, happy, joy, joy!

Something new – Huckleberry Ice Cream. It was yummy. You can buy a gallon of huckleberries for $75. I don’t think so.

For The Love Of Huckleberries: August Brings Out Hunters Of Elusive Fruit

Huckleberry Info


And then a “tourist stop” for us tourists. This is a trail at the river – it’s beautiful.

Here’s a video of the Evil Knievel jump in 1974.

We also stopped at the Twin Falls Visitor Center.

Some wine with dinner on Friday and a vibrant sunset.IMG_0684

We brought Chris his Legos…

It was a wonderful weekend – wish we could have spent more time but – we’ll be back!

Monday morning we left to head East. And now – we’re back on the Interstates and traveling more quickly. (Well, at least until today when we drove through snow!) We headed down to Wells, NV and then across Utah and into Wyoming.

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On the Interstate Highways

Thursday, September 14

It’s Sunday as I write this and tomorrow we’ll hit the roads – the interstate roads – and head to Overland Park, Ks to visit with Kyle.

But – meanwhile on Thursday the 14th, we spent some time in Idaho.

Arco, ID was the first city in the world to be lighted by atomic energy on July 17, 1955. I was five years old!

After a delicious lunch at Pickle’s Place in Arco, we visited The Craters of Moon. Who knew such an awesome place was right here in the US? It’s beautiful.

The Craters of the Moon... (go check out the website – it’s amazing!)

That night we stayed in Blackfoot, ID.

Friday, September 15

On our way to Chris & Lindsay’s, we stopped at the Idaho Potato Museum. This was bigger and better than the Jell-O Museum! And seriously –  a whole lot of fun. Mr. Potato Heads and potato mashers and Spudniks!

Those are potato mashers on the top left.

Those are Mr. Potato Heads through the years on the top right.


In Blackfoot…

Driving through Idaho to Twin Falls…

A rest area with Oregon Trail history.

Huge hay bales trucks – we thought these were potato trucks but they’re probably sugar  beets – and a wind turbine.

A stop for lunch in Burley, ID.

IMG_1875Yippee!!! We’re here!!!


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Wyoming – more

Wednesday, September 13

The road went on – and on… and we arrived in Yellowstone. Having “done” the Yellowstone thing with the boys many years ago, our plan was to drive through, enjoy the views, maybe see some critters and then stay in West Yellowstone. One buffalo taking a snooze was about it for critters. We didn’t stop with the other hundred tourists to take photos.

Oh – and several years ago in Nevada – Moffett purchased the National Parks Lifetime Senior Pass for $10. The cost is now $80.

It was a gorgeous day – still lots of tourists but probably not as bad as summer time traffic. We had lunch stuff and pulled over to make lunch next to a river stop with 2 picnic tables. Another couple drove up and sat at one table and while we stood there with our cooler at the car, another (younger) couple drove up and literally ran to the other table and set their stuff on it. Well! Luckily, the first couple’s wife came over and asked if we’d like to sit with them. Corrine and Paschal are from Zurich, Switzerland and we spent a delightful half hour eating and chatting with them. Luckily they spoke English cuz we weren’t going to do so hot if we had to unearth our French and German. They had planned to be in Montana but the smoke convinced them to change directions.

Dinner at Bullwinkle’s in West Yellowstone – Met another couple who we enjoyed talking with during dinner. She even posed with Roady!

Our motel room had a nice table and chairs outside where we enjoyed drinks and the sunset. Although we think the sunset was enhanced by the smoke beginning to move in.



A “bear proof” trash can near our room.

Our view from the motel’s b’fast room.

Onward to Idaho!



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